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Pinned Article Getting Started with Zoom

Learn how to sign into Zoom with your Stonehill account, Download the Zoom client, see the Zoom Home Interface, as well as Video Tutorials and FAQ's.

Create a Zoom Meeting

There are many ways to create and schedule a Zoom meeting, from the Zoom desktop client, its web portal, or through Outlook.

Create a Zoom Meeting for Others

If you manage meetings for others, follow these steps to set up scheduling privileges, and schedule Zoom meetings for another user.

Join a Zoom Meeting

Discover the various ways to join a Zoom meeting.

Participate in a Zoom Meeting

Once you've joined a Zoom meeting, make the best of your experience by managing your audio and video settings, sharing your screen and content, and chatting with other meeting participants.

Using Zoom in eLearn for Online Meetings

Instructions for finding and using Zoom in eLearn and Best Practices for creating Online Classrooms and Office Hours.

Zoom Breakout Rooms

How to set up Breakout Rooms in Zoom.