Topics include adding getting started with eLearn, Course Content, Grading, Blackboard Ally, Blackboard Ultra, Analytics, and eLearn FAQ's.

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Pinned Article Educational Technology Workshop Descriptions

Descriptions of available Faculty Workshops

Pinned Article Getting Started with eLearn (Faculty)

This article has everything you need to get started with eLearn including making your course available, course menu expand to view, viewing your course roster, emailing the class, adding a user to a course, display courses by terms, creating a profile and adding a picture, guest access for stonehill users, supported browsers and common browser issues, and the blackboard instructor app.

Pinned Article Remote Teaching Strategies

These strategies may help faculty to leverage available technology resources to keep their courses on schedule during those times when the instructor or students are not able to attend regular class meetings.

Pinned Article What to Use When

With so many options for calling, chatting, video chatting, team meetings, document sharing and collaboration, group projects, and how to get your voicemail, it can all seem overwhelming. This handy guide lets you know what each service offers, and when to use what service.

Course Content

The course content article contains adding a syllabus to a course, creating an assignment, VoiceThread, setting up Akindi, creating an online meeting/office hours, adding an eReserve link to course menu, configuring your eLearn course for lecture capture, adding a panopto link to your course, hoonuit mashups, using blackboard discussions, plagiarism detection tools, copy a course in eLearn, and exporting, archiving and importing course content.

Assignments and Tests

The Assignments and Tests article covers how to create an assignment that can be collected online using the eLearn assignment tool, Turnitin assignments and VoiceThread. Also, configuring tests that are accessible online with the option to use Respondus Lockdown Browser, Respondus Monitor and Akindi bubble sheets for online testing.


This article contains information on how to use the grade center, including Weighted totals, hiding columns, attendance feature, display scrollbars in grade center on macOS, audio and video feedback for student submissions, and provide student access to course grades.

Using Zoom in eLearn for Online Meetings

Instructions for finding and using Zoom in eLearn and Best Practices for creating Online Classrooms and Office Hours.

Blackboard Ultra

The Blackboard Ultra article offers an introduction to the Ultra navigation menu in eLearn, and the features of the new content editor

Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally is a tool that will rate the accessibility of the content in your course, offer guidance on how to improve, and allow students to download alternative formats. This article contains an Ally Quick Start for Instructors, alternative formats, accessibility score indicators, instructor feedback, find the available alternative formats, what alternative formats does Ally generate, disable alternative formats, enable disabled alternative formats, FAQ, and watch a video about Ally.

eLearn FAQ's for Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions for eLearn by Faculty