Using Zoom in eLearn for Online Meetings

Before using your Zoom link in eLearn, you must first activate your Stonehill Zoom account by signing into the Stonehill Zoom portal.  The following articles are also recommended to familiarize yourself with Zoom: Download the ClientSchedule a Meeting and Record your Meeting.

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Zoom in eLearn

Every eLearn classroom and organization will have a Zoom tool link located in the menu. To access Zoom simply click the link on the menu. 

Screenshot of eLearn course menu, with the Zoom link highlighted

Creating an Online Classroom

To set up a recurring Online Classroom these are the recommended settings.

  1. Enter your desired course and click on the Zoom menu item.
  2. Click Schedule a New Meeting.
  3. Check the Recurring meeting checkbox.
  4. Under the Recurrence drop-down menu select NoFixed Time. 

Screenshot of a Zoom meeting's options, with the Recurring meeting box checked and the NoFixed Time option highlighted

  1. Under the Security options, leave the Passcode checked (you can specify a password or leave the default randomly generated password) and uncheck the Waiting Room option.
  2. Check Enable join before host if you would like students to be able to join the meeting before you, or use it outside of class time.  Check Mute participants upon entry.
  3. Select Save.

Screenshot of the Zoom options page.  The Passcode and Waiting room options are highlighted, as well as the "Enable join before host" and "Mute participants upon entry" options.

A NoFixed Time classroom will allow you and your students to have one link to meet for class each week and for students to meet outside of normal class time. A weekly recurring meeting would create separate links for each scheduled class. So if you had a M W F class schedule over a 15 week semester there would be 45 different zoom meetings created, which would likely cause confusion rather than having the one NoFixed Time link. 

Creating a Meeting for Online Office Hours

To set up Online Office Hours these are the recommended settings.

  1. Go to and select Sign in.
  2. Click the Meetings tab and select Schedule a new meeting.
  3. Check the Recurring meeting checkbox.
  4. Under the Recurrence drop-down menu select NoFixed Time.
  5. Under the Security options, leave the Passcode option enabled (you can specify a password or leave the default randomly generated password).
  6. Leave the Waiting Room enabled and click Save.

Screenshot of Zoom meetings options.  The Passcode and Waiting Room options are highlighted.

Enabling a waiting room will allow you to meet with students individually during your scheduled office hours when you are ready to let them into the room. It also prevents other students from joining the room mid-meeting.  You will be alerted in your Zoom meeting if you have users in the waiting room.

Once your meeting is created, you will have the option to copy the invitation, which you can then email to students or post as an Item in each of your courses for student access.

Viewing Zoom Cloud Recordings

When you record your eLearn Zoom meetings to the cloud, they will automatically be visible to you and students enrolled in the course.  The recordings will stay in the Zoom cloud for 150 days at which point the will be put in the Zoom trash folder.  An item in the trash folder can be recovered within 30 days, at which point it will be permanently deleted.

  1. Enter your desired course and click on the Zoom menu item.
  2. Click on the Cloud Recordings tab, any recordings of class meetings will be listed here.  Click on your desired meeting name.
  3. You will usually see two files listed: a full recording and an audio only recording.  Click the Play button in the center of the thumbnail you wish to view.  By default, recordings are password protected, clicking the play button should give you a message that the Passcode has been copied to your clipboard, and a new window will open.  Paste the passcode into the field and click Watch Recording.
  4. Instructors in a course can also use the Download button that appears underneath the thumbnails to download the recordings if desired.  By default, students do not have the download option.
  5. Alternatively, you can sign into and click Recordings from the left-hand menu to see all of your Zoom Cloud recordings.  Click the name of your meeting and use the Play button on the video thumbnail to view the recording.
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