Faculty Workshop Descriptions

eLearn - Basics for Online Course Design 

This workshop will cover the basics of Online Course Design. Participants will work online building their own eLearn course. Learn how to organize, create, and upload various types of content into eLearn. A prepared digital version of your course syllabus is recommended for this session. Topics include creating assessments and assignments that are administered online and using rubrics for assessing.

eLearn - Creating and Administering an Online Test   

This workshop will provide an overview of how to create an online test in your eLearn course and become comfortable with the settings associated with student access. Test question types range from simple multiple-choice to essay. Become proficient with online testing and the strategies used to help prevent cheating. 

In preparation for the workshops, the videos listed below are an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the Blackboard testing features in eLearn. 

Using Respondus Lockdown Browser with the option for Monitor

This workshop will focus on the basics of using Respondus with any eLearn test. In addition to our in-house workshop, Respondus offers free training webinars on a regular basis. https://web.respondus.com/webinars/   

In preparation for the workshops, the videos listed below are an excellent way to familiarize yourself with Respondus.

eLearn - Grade Book 

This workshop will demonstrate how to create a basic grade book and view it from the student's perspective. Using the grade book in any eLearn course can be an effective solution to keeping students informed about their ongoing progress.  There are some very basic steps for understanding how to use the grade book that can help make it simple for the instructor to use and an effective tool for tracking all students.  

Panopto - More Than Just a Lecture Capture Tool 

Simple “how-to” for recording, editing, and uploading personal lecture videos to eLearn while working at home. Participants will create a sample video lecture, edit and experience the process of incorporating specific video links in a course.

Below are just a few of the advanced topics that will also be addressed in this seminar. 

Zoom for Online Classes and Meetings

This workshop covers how to create a Zoom classroom, its features, and how to access recordings of Zoom meetings. Learn how to Get started with Zoom, how Zoom recordings automatically upload to Panopto, and manage accessibility.  

  • Watch a pre-recorded video on the basics of using Zoom and come to the workshop with your questions.

Zoom for the HyFlex Classroom 

This workshop shows you how to set up the classroom for HyFlex learning for students remote and in-person. Get the feel for teaching in a HyFlex classroom and what steps need to be taken in order to ensure a smooth and positive experience. 


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