Meehan Building 106 Board Room Instructions

Instructions for other spaces can be found here.

Located at the far end of the table is an Extron touch panel screen. Touch the panel to activate the screen. 

Activate ClearTouch

  1. To utilize the ClearTouch, select Touch PC on the touch panel screen. 

Getting Started with the Clear Touch Interactive Panel

  1. Touch anywhere on the screen or the power button on the lower right of the panel.
  2. Log on with your Stonehill Credentials by touching the text boxes and typing with the Clear Touch keyboard or using the external keyboard and mouse at the podium.
  3. Once logged in, use the Clear Touch the same way you would use any Windows computer.
  4. DVD players are located on the back of the panel.

Connecting another computer to the Clear Touch

  1. Touch anywhere on the screen or the power button on the lower right of the panel to ensure the Clear Touch is on.
  2. To connect your computer to the Clear Touch locate either the HDMI or VGA cable attached to the rear or right of the panel. 
  3. Once connected the Clear Touch will automatically (approximately 5 seconds) switch inputs to your device.

Getting Started with EasiNote on the Clear Touch

  1. Click the "Home" icon on the lower panel of Clear Touch to get to the desktop
  2. Double click the Note icon on the Desktop.
  3. Using the Stylus write on the screen the same way you would on a whiteboard.
  4. To adjust the thickness or color of the stylus double-click the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen.
  5. To adjust the thickness, move the slider from left to right.
  6. To change the color of the marker, select a different color.
  7. To erase, use the side of your hand to swipe across the panel.









 Switching between EasiNote and the PC

  1. Touch the Display icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to switch from Note to the PC.
  2. Touch the Note icon on the Note sidebar on the PC to switch from the PC to Note.

 Saving/Exporting content with EasiNote on the Clear Touch

  1. Touch the menu icon in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. To save the note, select File Save, Name the note, and save to the desired location.






  1. To export the note, select Export > PDF, Name the note and save it to the desired location.

Display Laptop

  1. Connect the HDMI cable to your laptop. Turn on your laptop.
  2. Select "Table Laptop" from the touch panel.  The image from the laptop will be projected. 

Adjust Shades

  1. In the lower-left corner of the touch panel, select Shades.  Select the corresponding level for shade height.

Adjust Lighting

  1. To adjust the lighting, select Lights from the touch panel. Select the preferred level for lighting.

Adjust PC Volume

  1. To adjust the PC volume, select the corresponding arrows under Program Volume on the touch panel. 

To Exit

  1. To exit, select Shutdown in the lower right-hand corner of the touch panel. 

Using Camera

  1. Controls for the camera are located on a square Logitech remote:

  1. The center circular button allows you to pan the camera.
  2. The button on the left allows you to zoom.
  3. The button on the right adjusts the volume.
  4. The two buttons at the bottom are two preset views. 
  5. The button at the top with a green phone icon accepts a call. 
  6. The button at the top with a red phone icon hangs up a call
  7. The red button at the top right of the remote mutes the call. 
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