Science Center 121 Instructions

Instructions for other spaces can be found here.

Turn Projector On

  1. On the wall, near the podium, touch the screen to start.

Display Podium Desktop

  1. Turn on the podium desktop computer.

  2. Select Instructor PC to turn on the projector and project the podium desktop image on the screen. 

Display Laptop

  1. Connect your laptop with the HDMI cable at the podium and turn on your laptop.
  2. On the touch screen, select the Instructor Laptop. Your laptop image will be displayed on the screen. 

Anatomage Machine

  1. On the touch panel, select either Anatomage 1 or Antomage 2 to project the corresponding image from the Anatomage machine onto the screen. 

Document Camera

  1. To turn the camera on push the illuminated Power button on the camera base to activate.
  2. Aim the lens arm on the object below.

  1. Select Doc Camera on the touch screen to project the document camera on the screen. 

Adjust PC Volume

  1. On the left side of the touch screen, under Program Volume, select the corresponding arrows to adjust the volume for the PC


  1. Shut down the system by pressing the Shutdown button in the lower right corner of the panel, then select the YES button.

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