What to Use When

With so many options for calling, chatting, video chatting, team meetings, document sharing and collaboration, group projects, and how to get your voicemail, it can all seem overwhelming. This handy guide lets you know what each service offers, and when to use what service. 


  • OneDrive for Business  – Personal File storage

    • Online storage for your work files, accessible only to you and anyone you share the files and folders with. Files and folders can be shared with other Stonehill users.

  • SharePoint – Department file storage

    • Online storage for files that are shared within a department. Everyone who is a member of a SharePoint Site has access to the site's contents. Files and folders can be shared with other Stonehill users.

  • Outlook – Email and Calendar

    • Available online via Office 365, or in the Outlook desktop and mobile applications. Calendars can be shared with and managed by others. 

  • Skype for Business – College phone system and Instant messaging for Faculty and Staff.

    • Can also be used to share desktops and host online meetings

  • Teams – Can be used to collaborate with small to large groups of people. 

    • Teams can facilitate live conversation, Instant Messaging, Virtual whiteboards, and screen sharing.

  • Zoom - High-quality video conferencing,

    • Can be used for meetings, classes, study sessions, office hours, and more. 


What to Use When Examples

These example scenarios offer suggestions on which service is best for the need:

Calls, Conference Calls, and Video Conferencing

"I need to call someone"

Skype for Business is what to use for one-to-one calling.
  • Skype for Business is the application on your computer, and available for your mobile device, that runs our phone system. Instead of using the physical phone on your desk, or if you're away from your desk,
  • Call someone's extension using our Global Address Book, or any other phone number. 
  • Allows you to video chat, share your screen, add callers, and instant message. 

"We need to have a team meeting."

- Microsoft Teams is what to use for a team meeting.
  • Facilitate a conference call, video conference, chat, share files, share screens, use a virtual whiteboard, and more, all within a Microsoft Teams meeting.
  • Join a Microsoft Teams meeting from your Outlook calendar, or via the calendar in Teams.
  • Have a quick group call from within the Chat in Teams.
  • Non-Stonehill users cannot join in on any Teams meeting, chat, or share files.
- Zoom can also be used for a team meeting, especially if you want to include non-Stonehill users
  • Facilitate a conference call, video conference, chat, share files, share screens, use a virtual whiteboard, and more,
  • A Zoom meeting link is private and secure, but can be shared out with non-Stonehill users to join in on the conversation.

"Class will also be offered online."

- Zoom is what to use when holding class online.
  • Zoom is integrated with eLearn, our learning management system. 
  • Our HyFlex classrooms are fully integrated with Zoom. 

File Storage and Sharing

"I'm working on a file that everyone in my department needs access to"

- SharePoint Sites are what to use for departmental file-sharing.
  • SharePoint Sites are provisioned to faculty and staff based on their primary job and department requirements.
  • Secure location to store College information resources and maintain compliance with our Information Security Policy.

"I'm working on my files, and only want to share them with people I choose."

- OneDrive for Business are what to use for storing your work files. 
  • OneDrive is your personal storage space for Stonehill files in the cloud.
  • Share specific files and folders with other Stonehill users that you choose, and have full control over their access privileges.


Email and Announcements

"I need to email my project group."

- Groups in Office 365 are a great for organizing group members, their messages, and files in one place. 
  • A Group provides an email distribution list, a shared OneDrive space for documents and a group calendar.

"I need to email all employees, all students, all faculty, etc."

- Announcement Lists provide a single email address to send an email message to a specific College group, like all employees.
  • Outlook, Outlook Web Access (webmail), or the Outlook app may be used to send messages to the lists.
  • Messages may be easily formatted to include images and attachments.

"I need to email my entire class."

- eLearn's email feature allows the course instructor to email the entire class from on or off-campus.
  • After an email is sent from eLearn, it will reside in the sender's Office 365 account—not in eLearn.  
  • The sender will automatically receive a copy of the email.  


Features Matrix

Having trouble figuring out which Service to use? Find the feature(s) you're looking for along the left column, and see which Service it is available in.

  OneDrive SharePoint Outlook Skype Teams Groups Zoom
Co-Authoring Docs X X     X X  
Document Sharing X X     X X  
Document Storage X X     X X  
IM/Chat       X X   X
Email     X     X  
Shared Calendars     X   X X  
Discussion Boards         X    
Announcements     X   X X  
Polls         X   X
Whiteboard         X   X
Screen Sharing       X X   X
Virtual Backgrounds         X   X
Telephone Calls            
External Collaboration             X
External Communication       X     X
Custom Site Layouts   X          
Mobile Apps X X X X X X X
Profiles     X   X    


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