Managing Stored Videos in Panopto

As recently announced by representatives of the Technology Advisory Committee, the following changes will occur in the way Stonehill stores video recordings in Zoom and Panopto: 

  • Deletion of older Panopto videos: On June 15th, all videos in Panopto that have not been viewed in over 6 years will be deleted unless they are moved to a personal folder.

  • Deletion of Zoom recordings stored in Panopto: On June 15th, all videos recordings in Panopto that were created using a Zoom session will be deleted unless they are moved to a personal folder.

  • Zoom recordings will not be copied to Panopto: After the end of this semester (Spring 2022), the automatic transfer of Zoom video recordings to Panopto will end. You will still be able to view and share the Zoom recording link that is automatically emailed to you, but if you want to send it to Panopto (for editing/permanent storage, etc.) you will have to upload the video to Panopto yourself 

  • Increased time of Zoom storage of recordings: Zoom recordings will now be available to view and share for 150 days instead of 30 within Zoom.  For Zoom course meetings, recordings can be viewed in Canvas by faculty and students. Or if a faculty member wants to keep a video permanently, it should be downloaded from Zoom and uploaded to Panopto or OneDrive/other storage

Please note that if you move your video files in Panopto to a personal folder, they will not get deleted. If you need any help determining how to manage your videos or have any questions about these changes, please contact the IT Service Desk at 508-565-1111, email

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