Extron Control Panel Instructions

Instructions for other spaces can be found here.

The Extron Control System operates the:

  • Video projector
  • Input for the projector
  • Volume controls (projector must be on to hear audio) 

Turn Projector On

  1. Press and release the ON button under DISPLAY on the Extron panel. If it's an electric drop-down screen, the display screen comes down and the button lights will flash while the projector warms up - this is normal.
  2. Wait 45 seconds while the projector is warming up. DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS ON THE PANEL BEFORE THE 45 SECONDS ARE COMPLETE!
  3. Volume is controlled using the volume control knob. Continue turning until the desired volume is reached. Computer sound must be on as well.

Podium Panel


Display Podium Desktop

  1. Make sure the podium desktop is powered on. At the Extron panel, press the PC button, and the desktop will display on the large screen.

Display Laptop

  1. Connect the VGA cable or HDMI cable to your laptop. Please note, if you are using a Mac laptop, you may need to use your VGA adaptor. If you need audio from your laptop, please connect the audio cable to the headphone jack on your laptop.
  2. Turn on your laptop.
  3. On the Extron panel, press the LAPTOP (HDMI) or Laptop (VGA) button. Even if this button is already lit, deselect and then reselect it now.
  4. If the image is not centered, press the AUTO IMAGE button on the Extron panel.

Troubleshooting Laptop Mirroring

If you don't get a picture on both your laptop and the projector screen:

  • Windows - Press the following laptop keys simultaneously, and then select the projection option you want:  
  • Mac OS X - navigate to System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement and then check off Mirror Displays.

Document Camera

  1. Push the DOC Cam button on the Extron Control.
  2. To turn the camera on - push the illuminated Power button on the camera base.
  3. Aim the lens arm on the object below. Adjust the size using the Zoom dial located on the side of the lens arm.
  4. Focus the AF button on the zoom dial.
  5. Adjust the brightness with the arrows on the camera base.
  6. Turn the camera off - use the illumination power button on the base to deactivate.

Shut Down

Press and release the OFF button. The display screen will roll up and the OFF light will flash while the projector cools down. 

NOTE: You will not be able to restart the system until the projector cools down (and the OFF light stops flashing). This will take approximately 2 minutes.

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