Merket Tracy 328 Instructions

Instructions for other spaces can be found here.

To Use the Desktop PC

  • Turn on the mini-PC located behind the monitor.

Share the PC image with the Projector

A picture containing electronics, whiteDescription automatically generated

  • To show the PC image on the projector, press “Display On” on the wall panel. This will lower the screen in front of the whiteboard and turn the projector on.
  • The button will flash while the projector warms up. By default, the desktop computer is connected to the projector.







Adjusting Volume

  • Press and hold       to decrease volume. It will flash.
  • Press and hold        to increase volume. It will flash. 

How to Connect Laptop to Projector & Speakers

  • If you want to use a laptop instead, connect the HDMI cable at the right side of the lectern into your laptop and the projector will automatically switch to your laptop.
  • To go back to desktop, unplug the HDMI from the laptop.

How to Connect Doc Camera to Projector

  • Power ON the Doc Camera and it will automatically connect to the projector.
  • To go back to the other source, power off the Doc Camera.

Shutting Down Projector & Raising the Screen

  • On the control switch, press and release the OFF button. The display OFF light will flash while the projector cools down.
  • NOTE:  You will not be able to restart the system until the projector cools down (and the OFF light stops flashing). This will take approximately 30 seconds.

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