eLearn FAQ's for Students

How do I log in to eLearn?

eLearn can be accessed from myHill by clicking the eLearn app button on the Home page. You can also access eLearn by navigating to https://elearn.stonehill.edu.

Why is my course listed as Private?

While many professors use eLearn in the teaching and administration of their courses, not all elect to do so. It is possible that your professor is choosing not to use eLearn this term or that they have not yet opened up the course for student access. The professor should let you know during your first class session whether they intend to use eLearn.

How do I use the Activity Stream?

The activity stream helps you stay up to date with what's going on in your courses. Due dates, missed submissions, announcements and more will all show up here. You can even jump right into specific areas of the course from here. 

  • Anything that is overdue will show up in red at the top of the list with the label Important. You can dismiss anything in the important category, and it will then be removed from view. 
  • The Today category shows anything that was newly added today or has a due date today. 
  • Upcoming will show the top five events that will happen in the next seven days. You can click Show More if you have more than five events.  
  • Recent will show anything that was previously in the Today section. You can customize what items show up in the Activity Stream by clicking the Gear icon in the top right.  Un-check any items that you don't want to be notified about.

Can I use my mobile device to access eLearn?

Yes, the Blackboard app for Stonehill College is available for users of any iOS or Android devices on any network. The app displays course content, announcements, grade information, and allows you to stay on top of your coursework on the go. Note: it is not recommended that you take any tests via Mobile, those are still best taken on a desktop web browser.

Downloading the App

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play on your device
  2. Search for Blackboard
  3. Click to download the free app 
  4. Launch the Blackboard app and search for Stonehill College
  5. Log in using your Stonehill username and password 
  6. You are now ready to navigate your courses.


Blackboard App Icon

How can I view my grades in eLearn?

Grades can be accessed from the main navigation menu. You will see your current courses by default, use the arrow at the top-left of the screen to search previous terms. What you see here is controlled by what your professor allows you to see. If they have hidden a particular grade, you will not see it here. 

  • You can click on View all coursework to get a more detailed view of work in a particular course. You can filter by All, Graded, Upcoming, or Submitted.
  • Under Submitted, you should see a link labeled Submission Receipts.  Clicking on that will show a list of all your submissions with a confirmation number and timestamp.

Please check with your professor to see whether they plan to make grades available through eLearn.    

How does the email function work in eLearn?

When you receive an email sent from within eLearn, it will appear in the Inbox of your Stonehill email account. Since eLearn keeps no record of the received email, keep a copy of important messages in case you need them at a later date.    

Are Messages and email the same thing?

Messages and email have a similar function, but they are two different ways of communicating. The traditional email will show up in your Stonehill inbox as expected. Messages are a way of communicating within the eLearn platform.  Messages are sent from and must be read within eLearn.  Most professors will want to stay with traditional email, as they are more inclined to be checking there for student correspondence, so being aware of the difference is important.

How do I add or drop a course from eLearn?

You may not add or drop a course from eLearn. You should add or drop courses through myHill using the procedures established by the Registrar's Office. After you have dropped a class, it will no longer be viewable in eLearn. If you still see a dropped course on your list, contact the Service Desk to let us know.

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