Technology in Classrooms

All College classrooms are equipped with a standard set of technology across campus to enhance teaching and learning. Most classrooms include a projector, screen, Windows computer, connections for a laptop, wired and wireless network access, and speakers for sound. Some rooms are equipped with Clear Touch Interactive panels in place of the projector and screen. In addition to the standard equipment, some classrooms are equipped with a wall or podium control panels for ease of use. 

For instructions on how to operate the equipment, click on the Instructions link from the corresponding classroom from the table below:

Building & Room #

Instructions Link



College Center

CC106 (HyFlex Classroom)   Black Box Control Instructions
CC107 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
CC215 (HyFlex Classroom)   Black Box Control Instructions
CC216 (HyFlex Classroom)   Black Box Control Instructions
CC217 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
CC228 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions

Cushing Martin

CM004   Remote Control Instructions
CM009   Remote Control Instructions
CM020   Remote Control Instructions
CM027 (HyFlex instructions)   Cushing Martin 027 Instructions
CM107   Remote Control Instructions
CM141 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
CM143 (HyFlex Classroom)   Graphic Design Lab Instructions
CM203 (HyFlex Classroom)   Black Box Control Instructions

Duffy Academic Building

D015 (HyFlex Classroom)   Duffy 015 and Duffy 017 Instructions
D017 (HyFlex Classroom)   Duffy 015 and Duffy 017 Instructions
D102    Hemingway Theater Instructions
D115 (HyFlex Classroom)
 Touch Panel Instructions  
D117 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D118 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D120 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D201 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D203 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D204 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D205 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D206 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D207 (HyFlex Classroom
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D210 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D213 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
D214 (HyFlex Classroom)   Duffy 214 Instructions
D216 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Clear Touch Instructions
D217 (HyFlex Classroom) Clear Touch Instructions
D219 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
D220 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D221 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
D230 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions

Martin Institute

Martin Auditorium 
  Martin Auditorium Podium Instructions  
M105 (HyFlex Classroom) Touch Panel Instructions
M204 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
M205 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
M206 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Extron Control Panel Instructions
M207 (HyFlex Classroom)
  Clear Touch Instructions

May Hall

McCarthy Auditorium (HyFlex Classroom)   McCarthy Auditorium Podium Instructions
AW111 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
AW113 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
AW226 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
AW230 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
AW232 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
AW236 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
AW247 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions

Meehan Building

One Button Studio    One Button Studio Instructions
MB103 (HyFlex Instructions)   Meehan Building 103 Instructions
MB106 (HyFlex Classroom)   Meehan Building 106 Instructions
MB111 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB213 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
MB214 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB216 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB219 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
MB221 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
MB240 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB246 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB312 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB315 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB317 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB320 (HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions
MB322(HyFlex Classroom)   Extron Touch Panel Instructions

Merkert Tracy Building

MT328 (HyFlex Classroom)   Merkert Tracy 328 Instructions

Sally Blair Ames Sports Complex

SB 120 (HyFlex Classroom)   SB 120 Instructions

Shields Science Center

SC119 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions
SC121 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center 121 Instructions
SC124 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions
SC125 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions
SC128 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions
SC140 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center 140 and 141 Instructions
SC141 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center 140 and 141 Instructions
SC144 (HyFlex Classroom)  Clear Touch Instructions
SC221 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions
SC229 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Touch Panel Instructions
SC235 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
SC236 (HyFlex Classroom)   Remote Control Instructions
SC239 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
SC262 (HyFlex Classroom) Science Center Touch Panel Instructions
SC321 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
SC329 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Touch Panel Instructions
SC330 (HyFlex Classroom)   Clear Touch Instructions
SC331    Science Center Instructions
SC335 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions
SC341 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Touch Panel Instructions
SC344 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions
SC345 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions
SC348 (HyFlex Classroom)   Science Center Instructions


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