Grades can be accessed from the main eLearn navigation or from the Blackboard mobile app. They will be organized by term in alphabetical order. Clicking View all work under a particular course will open the grade page for that course; and you can view all items that have been graded or submitted.

Viewing Test Results

After you complete a test, the performance results you receive depend on the options selected by your instructor. If the test is still visible in the course, click on it to view the results your instructor has made available. If the test is not visible in the course, you can click on the Grades link from the main eLearn navigation list, and find your course. 

Click the View all coursework link, find the test in your list of items and click on its name where the text is blue, you can then click on the score to bring up your answers to the test, and any feedback provided. 

Your professor may hide all results until a certain date, or they may let you view all the correct answers to compare them to your own: it will vary by instructor.

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View, Download, and Print Assignment Feedback

Your professor may provide feedback and comments along with your grade for your submissions. First, check with them to see whether they plan to make grades available via eLearn. If so, you can access your grades from the Grades link in the main navigation list; your instructor may also provide a link right in the course menu.

You will see your current courses by default, use the arrow at the top-left of the screen to search previous terms. What you see here is controlled by what your professor allows you to see. If they have hidden a particular grade, you will not see it. 

You can click on View all coursework to get a more detailed view of work in a particular course. You can filter by All, Graded, Upcoming, or Submitted. Under Submitted you should see a link labeled Submission Receipts, clicking on that will show a list of all your submissions with a confirmation number and time stamp.

Any overall feedback that has been added by your instructor can be accessed by clicking on the blue speech bubble icon next to the grade.

Screenshot of an example of a graded item in the My Grades link, showing a score of 95 out of 100 and the blue speech bubble icon indicating feedback is present.

Clicking on the name of the graded item will let you review your submission and any in-line comments that have been added. You can also download a copy of your assignment with feedback as an annotated PDF from within this area. Click the download button in the toolbar above the document.

Screenshot of the print, download, and search buttons on the assignment inline grading toolbar.  Download is highlighted.

To view the annotations, Adobe Acrobat reader will give the best results compared to using built-in software like Preview or Microsoft Edge.

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