Getting started with eLearn (Student)

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Navigating eLearn

eLearn's new Ultra Base Navigation will make it easier to navigate between the Institution Page, Activity Stream, Courses, Grades, and everything else you need.

Screenshot of the eLearn navigation menu with the Activity Stream highlighted, displaying the various categories including: Important, upcoming and recent. A view of a course in the new ultra navigation, with the fact that the base navigation links are still visible even when inside the course.


Institution Page: Helpful links to Stonehill resources and information including Service Desk information and links to course evaluations.

Profile: Select your name in the list and make changes to your online profile. You can upload a profile picture, and edit your notification settings.

Activity Stream: See up-to-the-minute action for all of your courses, including new content, new grades, and upcoming due dates.

Courses: Navigate to past, present, and future courses. Courses can be added as a Favorite by clicking the star, which will put them at the top of your course list.

Organizations: Access the organizations that you lead or are a member of.

Calendar: View course events and due dates for all your courses.

Messages: View and send messages in all of your courses.  Note: this is different from email. Messages are sent and read within eLearn. Faculty may prefer to use traditional email, so check with your instructor before using the message tool in a course.

Grades: See your grades from across all your courses.

Tools: Access global functions that are outside of your courses such as portfolios or the Content Collection.

Accessing Your Profile and Adding a Picture

Profiles in the Ultra version of eLearn contain only basic information. Access your profile by clicking your name in the navigation list. You can customize your picture and notification settings.  To upload or change your picture, hover the mouse over the current picture, and click the pencil icon. You can then delete the current picture, or upload a new one. Others will see your picture in the activity stream, course messages, discussion posts, and your instructor will see it in their course roster.

Example user profile screen, displaying user's photo, basic information and system settings

To learn more about profiles click the button below.

Hiding and Showing the Course Menu

The course menu can collapse depending on the screen resolution and browser display settings, or if the Hide Course Menu arrow is clicked. If possible, make sure your browser is set to full screen. To expand the course menu, click on the Show Course Menu arrow, or grey bar that appears on the far left of the computer screen.

Screenshot of a course with the course menu collapsed.  An arrow points to the "Expand course menu" arrow button along the left side of the page.

Emailing Your Classmates

eLearn’s course mail feature allows users to email the entire class or select users. After an email is sent from eLearn, it will reside in the recipient's Office 365 account—not in eLearn.  The sender will automatically receive a copy of the sent mail.  

  1. Select the course from which you will be emailing. 
  2. Select the Email tool on the course menu.
  3. Select All Users or Select Users to specify individual course recipients.
  4. Fill out the Subject line.
  5. Enter the body of the email under Message.
  6. Click "Submit" at the bottom right-hand corner of the page to send the email.

Supported Browsers

Please see the Blackboard Help page for an updated list of supported browsers that are compatible with eLearn. 

Blackboard Mobile App

The Blackboard App is a free app that allows students to access their eLearn course information directly from their mobile devices. This means that students will now have virtually anytime/anywhere access to courses, content, and communities. The Blackboard app is available for iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re reading through a course document, catching up on a discussion, or scrolling through new activity in your stream – Blackboard is all about learning on-the-go.

Downloading the App

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play on your device
  2. Search for 'Blackboard'
  3. Click to download the free app 
  4. Open the app and search for Stonehill College
  5. Log in using your Stonehill username and password 
  6. You are now ready to navigate your courses.

Note: You may be prompted to log in again periodically.

Image of the Blackboard app, which is a pencil on a blue background.

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