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The password change service is a Microsoft-powered system which enables you to both unlock your account and change your Stonehill password anytime and anywhere, without needing to contact the IT Service Desk.
Mobileprint enables you to print to select on-campus printers from laptops and mobile devices when connected to the hillspot secure wireless network.
Instructions on how to configure your Windows 10 Ethernet port for Clearpass authentication.
Instructions on how to register your Gaming Console and Media Player to the Stonehill network.
Step-by-step instructions for installing the Microsoft Office application suite on your personal devices.
Instructions on how to scan multiple documents to email with the Xerox machine
Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to connect your device to Stonehill's secure wireless network, "hillspot".
Verification methods are used as a second layer of security to user sign-ins as part of Multi-factor Authentication and the Password Change Service. This article covers the various methods of verification from which you can choose.
Detailed instructions and download links for installing JMP on your Mac or Windows computer.
The course content article contains adding a syllabus to a course, creating an assignment, VoiceThread, setting up Akindi, creating an online meeting/office hours, adding an eReserve link to course menu, configuring your eLearn course for lecture capture, adding a panopto link to your course, hoonuit mashups, using blackboard discussions, plagiarism detection tools, copy a course in eLearn, and exporting, archiving and importing course content.
See what licensed software is available on campus.
Extron Control Panels are located in CC217, CM141-142, D101, D115-210, D215-217, D220-230, and M105-206.
Learning spaces equipped with instructional technology for presenting and interacting with educational content.
Clear Touch Interactive Panels are located in CC107, CM141 D019, D213, D219, M207, SC321, and SC330.
Minimum recommended specifications for student-owned laptops being used for coursework.
We tag all external emails with [EXT] at the start of the Subject line and add a disclaimer in the body of the email.
Filter your email before it reaches your inbox with Safe Senders and Block Lists.
The Assignments and Tests article contains submitting an assignment, voice thread assignment, turnitin digital receipt.
This article has everything you need to get started with eLearn including making your course available, course menu expand to view, viewing your course roster, emailing the class, adding a user to a course, display courses by terms, creating a profile and adding a picture, guest access for stonehill users, supported browsers and common browser issues, and the blackboard instructor app.
A list of printers available in MobilePrint.
Learn how to sign into Zoom with your Stonehill account, Download the Zoom client, see the Zoom Home Interface, as well as Video Tutorials and FAQ's.
Remote access through our Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows secure access to college computing and information resources from an off-campus location.These instructions help you download and install the VPN client on Windows.
Instructions for finding and using Zoom in eLearn and Best Practices for creating Online Classrooms and Office Hours.
Information and Instruction on using Panopto in eLearn.
Information on what Multi-factor Authentication is, as well as how to configure and use the service.