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Announcement Lists

Announcement Lists provide a single email address to send an email message to a specific College group, like all employees.

Application Change

Changes to applications and small scale software development initiatives may be requested by application managers.


Banner Module Upgrade

Upgrades to college wide systems for point releases may be requested by application managers.


Classroom Support

IT staff are available by appointment to come to classrooms to assist with a variety of activities. Examples include: setting up equipment for lecture capture or video conferencing; training students on the use of eLearn, Office365 or other supported software; providing workshops for students on video and audio editing; and assisting with the use of classroom technology.

Classroom Technologies

All College classrooms are equipped with audio and video technologies, a podium computer and software to enhance teaching and learning.

Collaborative Workspaces

Our collaborative workspaces enable departments, organizations, or groups of people to improve productivity with the ability to share documents, communicate, and much more using either Office 365 Groups or Microsoft Teams.

Computer Labs

Over 400 computers are available on campus for student use in open computer labs, in technology classrooms, and in the MacPhaidin Library.

Computer Support for Students

The IT Service Desk provides support for computer issues that students have while on campus using standard Stonehill software.

Computers for Faculty & Staff

Computers are purchased and maintained through a centralized process that ensures compatibility and benefits from volume pricing while meeting the specific needs of faculty and staff.

Conference Call

Conference calls may be made from telephones on the College telephone system or through a Skype for Business meeting.


Data Change

Changes to Banner data that must be accomplished through SQL scripting may be requested by application managers.

Departmental System Support

Assistance to support or provide integration for departmental systems may be requested by application managers.

Departmental System Upgrade

Assistance to coordinate upgrades to departmental systems may be requested by application managers.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is delivered on College-owned TVs equipped with Roku devices through the cloud based Quickesign app which allows content owners to customize their own dynamic layouts.



Send and receive fax documents over the Internet through an individual or shared email account that is connected to a Skype for Business telephone line.

eLearn Learning Management System

eLearn is our learning management system based on the Blackboard Learn platform.  It provides powerful tools for faculty to present course content, collect student assignments, enable collaboration and manage outcomes.  Students benefit from a single resource to access all their information for a course.

Email & Calendar

Email is provided to the Stonehill community through the Microsoft Office 365 cloud based platform.  Integration with the global address list enables quick access to all Stonehill email addresses while calendar simplifies setting up a meeting.

Equipment Loan

A variety of technology equipment is available for short-term loan.


File Storage for Departments and Organizations

Each department is provided with secure cloud storage in the SharePoint application in Office 365. Organization needs may be satisfied with document storage in SharePoint.

File Storage for Individuals

Each individual with an Office 365 email account is provided OneDrive cloud storage.


Hill Alert Emergency Notification System

The Hill Alert emergency notification system is used to quickly and efficiently send community members a text message to their cell phone in case of an emergency on campus.  It is based on the Rave platform.


Lecture Capture

Lecture capture enables the video capture of a class lecture or presentation using the computer in a classroom or a laptop in an office.  The supported lecture capture application, Panopto, is used primarily for instructional purposes.  However, it may be used for other purposes like providing training videos or capturing visiting speakers.

Licensed Software

Software licenses are purchased and installed through a centralized process that ensures compatibility and benefits from discounted and volume pricing while meeting the specific needs of faculty and departments.


Meeting & Event Support

Setup of equipment, such as microphones and podiums, are provided by professional staff who may also staff events requiring complex technology configurations and sound engineering.


myHill is our secure portal that provides simple access to announcements, information and online services based on an individual’s role at Stonehill.


Network Add, Move, Change

New network connections or changes to an existing connection or the location of the jack may be requested.

Network Support

The hardware, software, and wiring required to provide a robust college wide data network are managed and maintained to support the mission of the college.


One Button Studio

The One Button Studio provides students, faculty, and staff with easy-to-use video recording equipment for self-service recordings related to academic work. The studio can be booked by faculty, staff, and students for a variety of purposes, including class assignments, practicing presentations and capturing lectures for viewing online

Online Surveys

Qualtrics is a self-service online survey platform use for Stonehill academic purposes or college business. It allows users to build and distribute surveys as well as manage data. Gathering data with this simple to use, yet sophisticated software solution is available 24/7.


Password Change

The online password change service enables a convenient way to change the password of a Stonehill account from anywhere at any time.

Poster Printing

Poster printing is available at the IT Service Desk in Duffy 025 to faculty needing posters that serve an academic purpose (research or class work) and that will have a broad audience (e.g. Stonehill-wide community events, poster-sessions at academic conferences, etc.).


Printers are available in a variety of locations including computer labs for students and open areas and department office suites for faculty and staff.


Remote Access

Remote access through our Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows secure access to college computing and information resources from an off campus location.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports from college wide systems are provided using Cognos and coordinated through application managers in the major business areas of the college.


Selection & Implementation of New Systems

New systems may be evaluated and implemented to support a business need that cannot be met using features in the standard college wide suite.

Server Add or Change

New servers or configuration changes to an existing server may be requested.

Server Support

The hardware and software required to host the business and instructional applications used at the College are managed and maintained to ensure security, reliability, and performance.

Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox provides a generic method to communicate with a department using email.

Software Development

College wide systems may be enhanced through custom software development projects to add a new process or features to support a business need.

Spam Filtering

Spam filtering protects incoming and outgoing email from malware and spam.


Teaching and Learning Consultations

IT staff members are available for one-on-one and small group consultations with faculty on a variety of topics.


The telephone system enables internal and external voice communication as well as other related services to meet the needs of College departments

Telephone Add, Move, Change

New telephone extensions or changes to an existing extension or the location of the phone may be requested.


Username & Password

A Stonehill username and password are used to gain access to most technology services including the campus network, email, the myHill portal, and the eLearn learning management system. The username is created as an account in Microsoft Active Directory and access privileges are based on an individual’s role at Stonehill.


Video Conferencing

Our video conferencing platforms enable online meetings and screen sharing through Skype for Business and Zoom. Zoom is also integrated into eLearn for faculty to use within their courses with their students and guests.

Video Production

Video production services include digital video recording, basic editing, encoding, and online distribution.  Services are provided for College events that have a community wide or public audience and are deemed important for the archives.

Video Production Equipment Loan

Advanced video production equipment is available for short-term loan to students currently or previously enrolled in a video production class or organization (ex. Digital Media Production, SkyNews).


Voicemail allows telephone callers to leave a recorded message that is accessible from anywhere by telephone or through email.


Wired Network Access

Access to the campus network is provided through network data jacks in residence hall rooms, offices, classrooms, conference rooms and other spaces to enable a secure, high speed network connection.

Wireless Network Access

Access to the campus network is provided through wireless connections in all buildings on campus and in the plaza in front of MacPhaidin Library.


Xfinity on Campus

XFINITY On Campus (XOC) is a television service from Comcast delivered to laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Roku devices through the Stonehill network.