Student Print Quotas

Students are assigned a print quota each semester based on our printing rules for students.  Upon printing from a Stonehill computer in a lab or classroom, students will see a popup displaying their quota information.

Free Quota starts at 1000 each semester and is reduced by the number of page impressions each time a print job is printed.  It shows the quota remaining.

Account Balance displays 0 until the quota is exceeded.  A negative figure indicates the number of page impressions over quota.

The popup also indicates how many pages will be deducted from the quota.  Clicking Cancel terminates the print job and has no impact on quota.  Clicking Print deducts the specified number from quota and sends the print job to the printer.  If the printer has a release station, the job will then need to be released. 

Students may check their quota at any time by accessing the MobilePrint Print Balance page and logging in with their full Stonehill email address and password.  The quota information displayed is the same as described above. 

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at 508-565-1111 or email .

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