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Analytics for Learn, or A4L, is a suite of analytics software and a data warehouse from Blackboard.  The warehouse contains calculated analytic components based on data collected from Stonehill instructor and student interactions within their courses in our Blackboard Learn learning management system. 

A4L provides analytic reports within each eLearn course that instructors may choose to use.   Instructors may also choose to make analytic reports available to their students. 

Activity in eLearn   

When viewing student activity data it is important to consider the many ways that students may engage with eLearn, for example, reading a document online compared to downloading the document and reading offline. Within Blackboard Analytics, activity is recorded as accesses, interactions, minutes and submissions.

Course Access: the student has logged into eLearn, and clicked on a course 

Course Minutes: the number of minutes a student spends once in the course 

Course Interactions: the number of clicks within a course (example: a student logs in and clicks on the Content menu, then clicks on a link to a reading: that would count as 2 interactions) 

Submission: any student upload that can be graded (assignment, test, survey, discussion board item, journal) 

Classification of Items 

Assessment: Tests, Assignments, Surveys, Turnitin, Standalone Grade Center Columns

Content: Items, File uploads, Web links, Learning Modules, Folders, Audio and Video, Mashups (Youtube, Hoonuit, Voicethread, etc.), External Textbook Content

Tool: Discussion Boards, Blogs, Wikis, Journals, Calendar, Announcements, Collaborate, Groups, Partner Content

Course Reports for Faculty 

Report Descriptions

Course At-a-Glance 

This report will show student activity in the course, and compare it to the average of all courses in the department. 

  • The report may contain #error in some areas if any of Assessment/Content/Tool count equals 0 

Activity and Grade Scatter Plot 

If using the Grade Center, this report will plot student activity (course accesses) vs Grade Center score and will display the “best fit” line 

  • In the Grade Center, if the “External Grade” is set to a non-calculated column, the Y-axis will display all 0’s  

  • Click a student’s name to show detailed activity 

Activity & Grade Matrix 

If using the Grade Center, this report will factor student activity (course interactions) and course grade to create a color-coded quadrant graph, and decile scale 

  • Click a student’s name to show detailed activity 

Course Submission Summary 

This report will summarize student submissions in the course.  Including the total number of submissions vs the course average, as well as the date of/days since the last submission, and the last submission type 

  • The Legend shows student average vs the class average: a green arrow indicates 10% (or higher) than average, a red arrow indicates 10% (or lower) than average, a gray arrow indicates within 10% of the average 

  • Click a student’s name to show detailed activity

Student Report 

This report will compare student activity to the anonymized class average.   

  • Not available to students unless the Instructor turns them on. 

  • Can be added to the course menu via a Tool link 

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