McCarthy Auditorium Podium Instructions

  1. For laptop use, connect the VGA or HDMI cable to your laptop.  Use the available adapters for Apple devices.

  1. If you need audio from your laptop and using a VGA cable, connect the audio cable to the headphone jack on your laptop.
  2. Plug your laptop's power cord into the outlet located on the top left side of the podium.

  1. Press anywhere on the touch screen to activate the touch panel.

  1. Under Sources Selection, select the source you would like to project. If you are looking out to the audience and you’re on the right side of the stage, select Stage Right Laptop.  This will lower the screen and turn on the projector.  Your laptop image will appear on the screen.  To adjust the volume of the microphone, select the Speech Volume arrows.  To adjust the volume from your laptop, select the Program Volume arrows
  2. To adjust the camera, select the Camera icon at bottom of the page.  A new window appears.