Service Catalog

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A Stonehill username and password and a connection to our high speed network are the keys to accessing local and global information resources.

These services simplify communication and enable collaboration both within the Stonehill community and beyond.

Computer hardware, software, file storage and printers are purchased and maintained to support the instructional needs of faculty, the learning needs of students and the business needs of departments.

Enterprise and departmental applications, database systems, and reporting tools are provided to support the administrative functions and information needs of the College

Reliable services depend upon a stable and secure IT infrastructure consisting of servers, storage and core services along with the network backbone and management tools.

A full range of media technology and support services are provided to the College community including media equipped classroom and event spaces, professional support for College events and video production services.

Educational technology tools and consulting services are provided to enhance teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom in support of Stonehill's mission to educate.