New - Meehan Building 106 Board Room Instructions

Please choose from the list below for instructions for using the TouchPanel and ClearTouch interactive display in the Meehan 106 Boardroom. 

System Startup

Begin by finding the touch screen control panel on the table near the ClearTouch display, and touch anywhere on the screen to start.

Screenshot of the TouchScreen panel startup screen.

Activate the ClearTouch

To turn on the ClearTouch display: 

  1. Select the Touch PC button on the Extron touchscreen display. 
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 TouchScreen display with the Touch PC button highlighted.


Sign in to the ClearTouch

  1. Touch anywhere on the screen or the power button on the lower right of the panel.
  2. Log on with your Stonehill Credentials by touching or clicking into the text boxes and typing with the Clear Touch keyboard or using the external keyboard and mouse on the table.

Using EasiNote on the ClearTouch

  1. Double-click the Note icon on the Desktop.
    Image of the EasiNote desktop icon.
    Screenshot of the Desktop with the Note application icon highlighted.
  2. Using the Stylus, write on the screen the same way you would on a whiteboard.
  3. To adjust the thickness or color of the stylus double-click the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. To adjust the thickness, move the slider from left to right.

  5. To change the color of the marker, select a different color.
  6. To erase, use the side of your hand to swipe across the panel.

Connecting a Laptop to the ClearTouch

To display your laptop on the ClearTouch, please:

  1. Connect your laptop to the HDMI cable on the conference table and turn on your laptop. 
  2. Select the Table Laptop button on the touch panel to power the projector and project the image from the instructor's laptop to the video projection screen. 
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 touch screen display with the Table Laptop button selected.

Volume Controls

To adjust the volume in the room: 

  1. Make sure the volume is raised on the Instructor's PC or Instructor's Laptop, depending on your input. 
  2. Locate the Program Value controls on the touch panel [1].
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 TouchScreen with the Volume Controls highlighted.
  3. Touch the volume up button [2] to raise the volume, touch the volume down button [3] to lower the volume, and touch the Mute button [4] to mute all computer audio in the room.

Lighting Controls

To adjust the room lighting controls:

  1. Select the Lights icon on the touch panel. 
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 Touch Panel diaply with the Lights icon highlighted.
  2. The various Lighting Controls will be displayed. You can turn the lights All On [1], lowered for a Presentation [2], an option to Dim [3] the lights, or turn the lights All Off [4].
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 Touch Panel diaply with the Lighting Controls displayed and various options highlighted.
  3. Select the X button [5] to close the Lighting Controls. 

Camera Controls

Use the Camera Remote on the boardroom table to control the camera mounted above the ClearTouch display. 

Photo of the Camera Remote for Meehan 106.

  • Toggle the Zoom controls [1] with the button on the left. 
  • Change the camera's position with the Pan and Tilt controls [2] in the center of the remote. 
  • Change the room volume with the Volume [3] button on the left. 
  • Switch between camera preset views with the Preset buttons [4] at the bottom of the remote. 
  • The Green Phone button [5] accepts new calls on the conference table speakerphone. 
  • The Red Phone button [6] hangs up a call on the conference table speakerphone. 
  • The red Mute button [7] mutes the call. 

Shade Controls

  1. Press on the Shades icon on the touch screen.
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 Touch Panel diaply with the Shades icon highlighted.
  2. The Shade Controls will appear on the TouchScreen. 
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 Touch Panel diaply Shade Controls on the screen and the various options highlighted.
  3. You can control the shades by pressing the Up button [1], the Down button [2], or the Half button [3].

Shut Down

At the end of your class or presentation, please turn the video projector off by doing the following:

  1. Touch the Shut Down button.
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 Touch Screen display with the Shut Down button highlighted.
  2. Touch the Yes button to confirm the system shutdown.
    Screenshot of the Meehan 106 touch screen display with the Confirm Shutdown options displayed and Yes button highlighted.
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