Meehan Building 103 Instructions

Instructions for other spaces can be found here.
Touch anywhere on the screen to begin.

Main Menu

Select one of the following sources:
  • Instructor PC
  • Instructor Laptop
  • Wall laptop
Volume controls are located on both sides of the screen.

Display controls:

  • Turn the projector on/off or mute the image.
  • Each monitor can be turned on/off.

Lighting Controls

Shade Control

You can raise/lower the shade or keep it halfway.

Advanced mode

To access the Advanced Mode with extra features; Press and hold the gear icon on the upper right menu.

Camera Controls

Adjust the camera or select one of the presets.


Turn On/Off Ceiling Mics or Record Light.

Microphone Controls

Adjust the volume level on the wireless and handheld microphones.

Advanced routing

Select a source on top and then select one of the destinations (below).


Shut down the system.
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