How to Share a Video in Panopto

Invite People

  1.  In your video library, hover over the video you want to share and click on the Share icon. This will open your sharing options.

Screenshot of a panopto video thumbnail with the share button highlighted

  1. In the Add people and groups area, start typing the name or username of a person you want to share with and a list of suggested users will appear. 
  2. You can add additional names or save the changes to share with just one person.
  3.  Before you save, you can add a message for the person with whom you are sharing.

Screenshot of the sharing window in Panopto.  The user Janice Harrison has been added with a message notifying her of the share.

  1.  Select Send to share the video and send the person an email notification that includes your message, letting them know the video has been shared.
  2. The selected user or group will now have access.

Share with a Wider Audience

  1. You can also share the video with a wider audience. Click the Change button under Who can access this video to change the sharing option. Note: a video inherits sharing permissions from its parent folder. A user may adjust this sharing permission to be more public than the parent folder setting, but not more private. 

Screenshot of the Who can access this video option of a panopto session.  Restricted, Your organization, Your Organization (unlisted), and Public: listed or unlisted are the options.

  1. Restricted: This option allows you to share the video with specific people as viewers.
  2. Your Organization (unlisted): Choosing this option will enable viewing access for anyone who can log into our Panopto site and has the direct link.
  3. Your Organization: This option will enable viewing access for anyone who can log into our Panopto site.
  4. Public (unlisted): Choosing this option will enable viewing access for anyone on the Internet who has the direct link, no sign-in is required.
  5. Public: Choosing this option will enable access for anyone on the internet to find and view on Panopto's site, no sign-in is required.
  • If you need to share your video with a wider audience of Stonehill users, select Your Organization (unlisted).

  • If you need to share with a wider audience of non-Stonehill users, select Public (unlisted).

  • It is not recommended to select the Public.

  1.   The settings will save automatically.  If you need to send out a link to the session, use the Copy Link button.  There is also an Embed option if you need to Embed the video online.
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