Lecture Capture

Instructions on how to use Panopto to record lectures and integrate them into Canvas.

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Pinned Article Getting Started with Panopto

Information and Instruction on using Panopto in Canvas.

How to Share a Video in Panopto

Instructions on how to share a video with someone outside the course.

One Button Studio Instructions

The One Button Studio provides students, faculty, and staff with easy-to-use video recording equipment for self-service recordings related to academic work. The studio can be booked by faculty, staff, and students for a variety of purposes, including class assignments, practicing presentations and capturing lectures for viewing online.

Panopto App for Mobile

Instructions on how to set up Panopto on your phone.

Closed Captions in Panopto

Information on how to add captions in Panopto.

Lecture Capture FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Lecture Capture.