Upgrading to the latest macOS

Apple routinely releases new versions of macOS, whereupon you may receive notifications on your macOS devices recommending to upgrade to the latest version. If you have a Stonehill-owned Mac, here's what you need to know.

The latest macOS version currently available for Stonehill-owned Macs is:


When a new macOS version is released

Given that brand new versions of operating systems may be incompatible with some of the apps and services Stonehill utilizes, when a new version of macOS is released the Department of Information Technology temporarily blocks its installation on College-owned Macs. During this time, we test the new version for functionality and compatibility with College systems.

Check this page before attempting to upgrade to ensure that the new version is available for install. Once the new version is deemed compatible it will be available to install as you normally would.

Before you upgrade

While not expected, it is unfortunately common that in-place upgrades to new macOS versions can sometimes fail, and when they do, they very often result in the Mac needing to be re-imaged to restore functionality, which involves a complete wiping of the drive.

In order to avoid data loss, we strongly recommend ensuring all data you don't want to lose is stored in OneDrive or otherwise backed up to another location before you begin the upgrade. This is critically important whether you have a Stonehill-owned or personal Mac, as once a macOS upgrade fails, data recovery of any kind is usually impossible.

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