Desktop and laptop support information, including topics such as software updates and computer replacement processes.

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Clearing Browser Data

How to delete browsing data such as cookie, cache, and history from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsft Edge and Internet Explorer and Safari.

Computer Replacement Process

This process defines equipment that will be replaced by the Department of Information Technology (IT) through its centralized budget and how the replacements will be performed.

Laptop Recommendations for Students

Minimum recommended specifications for student-owned laptops being used for coursework.

Microsoft Defender on macOS

Instructions on using the built-in antivirus provided on Stonehill-owned Mac computers.

Pinning Applications to Your Windows 10 Taskbar

If you use any applications frequently, you can pin them to your taskbar for easy access. Follow these steps to pin any program to your taskbar in Windows.

Run a Windows Security Scan

If your computer is in need of an anti-virus and threat protection scan, then run a scan on it using Window Security.

Standard Hardware Configurations

These standards apply to the computer equipment for the majority of college users.

Upgrading to the latest macOS

If you have a Stonehill-owned Mac, here's what you need to know when Apple releases a new version of macOS.

Windows Firewall

A firewall is software or hardware that helps prevent hackers and some types of malware from getting to your computer through a network or the Internet.

Windows Update - version 22H2

Overview of the latest Windows features update and how to install it.

Windows Updates for Windows 10 computers

Instructions for finding Windows Updates and running the necessary Windows Updates on your Windows 10 computer.