Computer Replacement Process

The goal of the computer replacement process is to ensure that Stonehill College computer users have access to computer equipment that enhances the learning environment and enables efficient business practices. The process defines equipment that will be replaced by the Department of Information Technology (IT) through its centralized budget and how the replacements will be performed.

Employee computers

Each employee with an instructional or business need will be issued a single computer (laptop or desktop) with exceptions based on justified need. These computers are maintained by IT and will be replaced on a regular cycle dictated by available funding. Desktop computers will be replaced with desktops and laptop computers will be replaced with laptops unless otherwise justified.  A pool of computers will be reserved annually to accommodate the requirements for new full-time positions with a need for a computer.

IT maintains a web page of standard hardware configurations for replacement computers. To request an exception to these standard configurations, an employee needs to fill out a Computers for Faculty & Staff request form and detail the reasons for the exception. The following are valid reasons for exceptions: 

  • Software essential to the employee's research, instructional, or business needs has requirements that are not met by a standard replacement. 
  • The standard computer is not compatible with equipment essential to the employee’s research, instructional, or business needs. 
  • The standard computer does not meet the employee’s documented accessibility needs.

Shared departmental and public computers

Shared departmental computers, like those used by student employees or made available in public areas, will be replaced from available recycled inventory. The requirements for replacement of these computers will be assessed when reviewing replacement plans with department heads. 

Computer lab and classroom computers

Computer lab machines and computers in rooms regularly scheduled for classes will be replaced on a cycle dictated by available funding, requirements, and usage. Priority for replacements will be assessed based on usage statistics and application requirements. Typically, computers at classroom teaching stations will all be replaced at the same time to ensure consistency for faculty.

Shared departmental printers

Shared departmental printers will be replaced upon equipment failure, depending upon departmental requirements and usage. The number and location of departmental printers will be assessed before replacements are determined. Departments will be asked to minimize the number of printers as a cost and energy savings measure. Printer users should print double-sided to HP multifunction devices whenever possible in an effort to reduce the amount of paper used and to ensure the lowest cost per print.

Networked printers in labs and classrooms

Lab and classroom printers will be replaced upon equipment failure, depending upon requirements and usage. Priority for replacements will be assessed based on usage statistics and application requirements.


IT will replace computers and printers using the following annual timeline:

  • Spring Semester - Faculty computers
  • Fall Semester - Staff computers
  • Summer - Lab and classroom computers


By spring break each year, an IT staff member will contact faculty members whose computers are scheduled for replacements. The current standards will be discussed along with any individual requirements. The replacement will be scheduled directly with the faculty member. Plans for lab and classroom replacements will be developed by IT in consultation with the IT and classroom advisory committees. The needs for department specific labs will be discussed with the department heads.

In September each year, an IT staff member will communicate with department heads regarding the number of computers that are planned for replacements in their department. At this time, the inventory of computers in the department will also be reviewed. Department heads will have the opportunity to determine which staff members should receive the new computers. A replacement computer can result in one subsequent replacement and the oldest computers must be removed. For example, if Jane uses the most powerful applications and she has a computer and John the oldest computer, Jane can be given the new computer, John can receive Jane's computer and the oldest computer is returned to IT.

Disposal of replaced computers

Computers and printers that are replaced through this process must be returned to IT. IT has the option of reassigning replaced computers or disposing of them through the designated college process. Computers and printers that are below the campus standard for support will only be reassigned for special circumstances. Those that are reassigned to new purposes will not be considered in the future for replacement.

For more information

Specific questions about computers and printers should be directed to the IT Service Desk. For more information about the computer replacement process please contact Luke Newman, Associate Director of User Support Services at or by calling 508-565-1666.

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