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Downloading the Panopto Recorder

All Stonehill instructor PC workstations have the Panopto recorder installed. The recorder is also available for download on any personal computer. Once your credentials are established in the configuration process, the recorder is available for install. You can also visit to download the recorder and visit your personal folder. 

  1. After selecting the Panopto link in the course menu, click Create.
  2. Select Record a New Session.
  3. You will have the option on the next window to Download Installer for the Panopto Recorder.  Select the Windows or Mac version depending on your operating system.  
  4. Follow the on-screen directions to save and install the Panopto Recorder.

Image of the Panopto Content area with the Create button selected, revealing the options therein.  Record a new session is highlighted

Image of the record new session page.  A Launch Panopto button is available or the options to download the recorder for Windows 7 and up 32 vs 64 bit and a Mac installer for 10.11 and up

Creating a Panopto Recording

1. Open the eLearn course you wish to save a recording in.

2. Find the Panopto link in the course menu and select it.

3. Select the folder associated with the course (students will choose the assignments folder) and click the Create button, then select Record a New Session.

4. Select Launch Panopto to open the Recorder. (Panopto is installed on all classroom workstations; if using your own computer, install the appropriate Windows or Mac version of the recorder). 

5. Select the Primary Source video and audio inputs and add or remove other Secondary Capture Sources, such as Screen Capture and/or PowerPoint, by checking the boxes. Do not change the Standard Quality option setting.

User-added imageUser-added image

You are ready to start recording . . . 

    • Record: F8 Key
    • Pause: F9 Key
    • Stop: F10 Key
    • Record: Option + Command + R
    • Pause: Option + Command + P
    • Stop: Option + Command + S

6. When recording is stopped you have the option to change the session name, add a description and either delete the recording or upload to the eLearn folder. 

7. From the Manage Recordings tab, wait for the upload to process your recording on the Panopto server.

8. Your video will be available to view within a short period of time in your eLearn content area. 

Image of an eLearn course configured with Panopto, showing the Panopto Content area with a few thumbnails of available videos.

Uploading Media Files from Other Sources

You can upload already existing video files into your panopto folder by using the steps below.

  1.  Click the Create option on the top panel after choosing your folder, then select Upload Media.

User-added image 

  1.  If you didn't already choose your folder, you can do that here. Then drag and drop the video file(s) or click inside of the box to select the file from your computer. You can drop multiple files into the video upload window at one time to create multiple sessions.

User-added image 

  1.  Wait for Uploading to finish, which may take a while based on the size and amount of files. Note: there are certain factors, such as bitrate, aspect ratio, file size, and video length, which can impact the time it takes for the video to process. For supported media file types, see Learn About Supported Media File Types for Uploading

User-added image

User-added image

  1. When processed, the session can be edited right away. You can close the window when it is finished uploading. Once the publishing completes, you will be notified that the sessions are ready to view.

User-added image 

Embed a Panopto Video in Your Course

  1. Navigate to an editor for a content item, discussion, form, or announcement. In the text editor, select the More... icon, which is the icon with an ellipses (three dots), to expand the full toolbar and then select the Add Content icon, which looks like a circle with a plus symbol in it.

User-added image 

  1.   In the Add content window that appears, scroll down, and select Panopto Video

User-added image 


  1. The Panopto video window will appear, showing the embedded video selector. You have three options for embedding Panopto content: 
  • Choose: To choose an existing recording, browse through your available folders, select your video, and then click Insert Videos.
  • Upload: To upload an existing file, select the Upload tab. 
  • Record: Select the Record option to launch your Panopto recorder and upload the video automatically to your Blackboard course once you are done recording.

User-added image 

Student Video Assignments

Create Video Assignment

  1. Navigate to the course to which you want to add a Panopto video assignment and select Content or your preferred content area from the left-hand navigation.

User-added image 

  1.  Select the Assessments drop-down menu, and then select Assignment

User-added image 

  1.   Give your assignment a name. Then, in the text editor toolbar, select the icon that looks like a circle with a plus sign in it to open the Add Content menu. 

User-added image Figure 3 

  1. In the Add Content menu, scroll to the Additional Tools section and select your Panopto Student Video Submission tool.

User-added image 

  1. This will add the steps to submit a Panopto video assignment to the assignment itself. Proceed as you would with creating the assignment in Blackboard. 

Panopto Video Tutorials

A comprehensive library of Panopto how-to videos including how to view, record, and edit can be found by clicking the button below. 

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