Password Change


The online password change service enables a convenient way to change the password of a Stonehill account from anywhere at any time. 

Available To

Students, Staff, Faculty, Affiliates, and Retirees


  • Passwords must be changed at least twice per year to enhance security and can be changed anytime using the password change service.
  • An account is locked after 5 incorrect tries for a password.
  • Verification will be required to reset your password or unlock your account.
  • The account owner receives an email notification when their password is reset, unlocked and changed using the password change service.

Getting Started

  • One-time registration in the password change service is required upon initial sign-in to the Office 365 web environment.
  • Choose a secure password that follows the Stonehill password policy.
  • After entering your full email address, click the "Forgot my password" link on any Microsoft web login screen.
  • Refer to the knowledge base resources found under Password Change for assistance.


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