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Announcement Lists provide a single email address to send an email message to a specific College group, like all employees.

Changes to applications and small scale software development initiatives may be requested by application managers.

Access to Banner, Cognos reports and some departmental information systems is authorized by information custodians and liaisons based on the requestor's job.

Upgrades to college wide systems for point releases may be requested by application managers.

Canvas by Instructure is our learning management system. It provides powerful tools for faculty to present course content, collect student assignments, enable collaboration and manage outcomes.  Students benefit from a single online resource to access all their course information.

IT staff are available by appointment to come to classrooms to assist with a variety of activities. Examples include: assisting with the use of classroom technology; demonstrating the use of lecture capture or video conferencing software; and training students on the use of Canvas, Office365 or other supported software.

All College classrooms are equipped with audio and video technologies, a podium computer and software to enhance teaching and learning.

Over 400 computers are available on campus for student use in open computer labs, in technology classrooms, and in the MacPhaidin Library.

The IT Service Desk provides support for computer issues that students have while on campus using standard Stonehill software.

Computers are purchased and maintained through a centralized process that ensures compatibility and benefits from volume pricing while meeting the specific needs of faculty and staff.

Conference calls may be made from telephones on the College telephone system or through a Skype for Business meeting.

Changes to Banner data that must be accomplished through SQL scripting may be requested by application managers.

Assistance to support or provide integration for departmental systems may be requested by application managers.

Assistance to coordinate upgrades to departmental systems may be requested by application managers.

Digital signage is delivered on College-owned TVs equipped with Roku devices through the cloud based Quickesign app which allows content owners to customize their own dynamic layouts.