Network Access


Access to the campus network is provided through secure, high-speed wireless and wired connections.

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff, Affiliates, and Guests


  • The hillspot wireless network enables secure Wi-Fi that ensures identity protection and encrypted data transmission.
  • The guest wireless network allows guest of the college non-secure access to Internet resources.
  • State of the art access points enable 802.11 a/g/n and AC Wave 2 connections to provide wireless speeds up to 1 Gbps.
  • hillspot and guest are accessible in all buildings on campus and in the following outdoor locations.  Note that building wireless may bleed outside around a building and provide a useable signal.
    • Duffy – seating area in the rear-facing the parking lot
    • MacPhaidin Library – seating area out front
    • May Hall – seating area facing the quad
    • Meehan – seating areas out front facing the quad and in the rear-facing the pond
    • O’Hara  – seating area on the back deck
    • South Quad – seating area and hard scape between O’Hara, Shields, and Martin
  • Secure wired connections are available through ethernet jacks located in residence hall rooms, offices, classrooms, conference rooms and other spaces on campus.
  • Wired connections provide dedicated bandwidth, and the best experience for voice, video, and gaming applications.
  • Students can register their gaming and media devices on the wired network.  Using the wired network for these devices allow for the best user experience.

Getting Started

  • If you are in a classroom with a laptop, a network cable is available on the podium.
  • Plug your Ethernet cable into any active wall jack and the corresponding port on your computer.
  • Members of the college community that have a Stonehill account and are on campus can connect to the hillspot secure wireless network.
  • Users of hillspot wireless or a wired connection must go through Device Authentication before the connection will work, if the device has not yet been registered.
  • Guests visiting the Stonehill campus can select the guest wireless network from their device’s wireless settings.
  • Refer to the Knowledge Base resources found under Network Access and Device Authentication for additional assistance.


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