Computers for Faculty & Staff


Computers are purchased and maintained through a centralized process that ensures compatibility and benefits from volume pricing while meeting the specific needs of faculty and staff.

Available To

Faculty, Staff


  • Each employee with an instructional or business need is issued a single computer, laptop or desktop, based on justified need. 
  • Computers are procured based on standard hardware configurations to ensure needs are met, hardware and software are compatible, and purchasing is cost effective.
  • Computers are renewed in a systematic process defined in the computer replacement process.
  • Problems with computers are supported and repaired through the Service Desk.

Getting Started

  • Computers for new staff are typically coordinated through the department head at the time of hire.
  • Academic Affairs provides IT with a list of new Faculty who are contacted to discuss their computer needs prior to the start of their first semester.
  • Faculty or staff with additional computer or equipment needs may request equipment by using the "Request Equipment" button above.  IT will expense the cost of additional equipment to the org number provided on the request form.
  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit requests for equipment with a cost greater than $1000 in conjunction with the budget process for possible purchase in the next fiscal year.
Request Equipment


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