Licensed Software


Software licenses are purchased and installed through a centralized process that ensures compatibility and benefits from discounted and volume pricing while meeting the specific needs of faculty and departments.

Available To

Faculty, Staff, Students


  • Campus wide license agreements are sought when feasible to meet broad instructional or business needs, like the Microsoft Campus Agreement for Office and Windows.
  • Software requests are evaluated to determine if licenses exist, ensure low academic pricing, and plan for maintenance expenses.
  • Faculty can request specific software be installed in labs and classrooms before the semester starts.
  • Software upgrades are planned to ensure version currency.
  • Most College owned software that is available to students is installed in specific labs and classrooms. A few products are licensed for download on personal computers.

Getting Started

  • Review the Software Availability by Location page.
  • Faculty or staff with additional needs may click on the Request Software button in the top-right corner of this page and fill out the online form to make a request for software. Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit requests for software with a cost greater than $1000 in conjunction with the budget process for possible purchase in the next fiscal year.
Request Software


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