Printers are available in a variety of locations including computer labs for students and open areas and department office suites for faculty and staff. 

Available To

Students, Faculty, Staff


  • Xerox multifunction printers are located in convenient spots throughout the campus and offer double sided printing, stapling, and the lowest cost per print. 
  • Students may access large volume multifunction printers in the MacPhaidin Library.  They can send documents to be printed to these from computers in the library or by using MobilePrint from laptops and mobile devices that are connected to the hillspot secure wireless network.
  • A number of Xerox printers in public areas are also available in MobilePrint to print from mobile devices that are connected to hillspot wireless.  Print jobs sent to these printers use a Stonehill username and password to release print jobs.
  • Unique departmental and individual needs are accommodated by allocation of laser or desk jet printers, as appropriate.
  • Supplies for Xerox devices are supported through the Document Center at extension 1264 and and supplies for HP/Sunprint printers (noted on the device) are supported by the IT Service Desk
  • Service for Xerox devices is provided through the Xerox Help Desk and information needed to seek service is on a label on the device.  
  • First level service for HP/Sunprint printers (noted on the device) and other college owned printers is provided by the IT Service Desk.
  • Large format academic poster printing is available to faculty and students by appointment through the Service Desk. To take advantage of this service, please review the service description and fill out a Faculty Poster Request Form.

Getting Started

  • Follow the instructions for printing from mobile devices to uploaded a document to print, print a web page or send an attachment via email.
  • Faculty and staff have default network-connected printers configured on their college owned computer.
  • Computers in labs and classrooms have default network-connected printers installed, as appropriate.
  • Refer to the knowledge base resources found under Printing for assistance.


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