Hill Alert Emergency Notification System


The Hill Alert emergency notification system is used to quickly and efficiently send community members a text message to their cell phone in case of an emergency on campus.  It is based on the Rave platform.

Available To  

Students, Faculty, Staff


Students, faculty and staff with text enabled cell phones can provide their cell phone number with their permanent/legal address using the Personal Info channel in myHill to participate in the Hill Alert system.

Authorized staff use established message templates with Rave Mobile Safety to send notifications, which can be via SMS text, email, and phone.

The service is hosted off campus and can still function during campus related outages and emergency situations.

Getting Started           

Refer to the following Knowledge Base resources found under myHill for assistance.



Service ID: 17891
Fri 2/17/17 10:45 AM
Fri 2/10/23 11:15 AM