Meeting & Event Technologies


Most College event spaces are equipped with audio and video technologies and the ability to connect a laptop to projection.

Available To   

Faculty, Staff, Students, Affiliates, Guests


  • Controls for audio and video technologies can be found on the wall or in podiums, depending on the space.
  • Connections for presenter laptops are available in most spaces.
  • Microphones are available at the podium in spaces with fixed podiums.
  • Instructions for the technologies in each space are available in our Knowledge Base.
  • IT staff manage and maintain meeting and event technologies to ensure reliability and ease of use.

Getting Started

  • Review Technology in the Event Spaces on our Knowledge Base for more information on the various configurations and instructions.
  • Submit a request for reserving a space with Conference and Events using 25Live and include technology needs.
  • Review the Meeting and Event Support service for more information on staff support for events.


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