Digital Signage


Digital signage is delivered on College-owned TVs equipped with Roku devices through the cloud based Quickesign app which allows content owners to customize their own dynamic layouts.

Available to

Faculty, Staff


  • Content providers arrange their content in layouts by uploading images, video, text, data, and audio via the Quickesign website.
  • Widgets for weather, news, Instagram, and Twitter are available for display in the layouts.
  • Layouts are organized into playlists, which can be played on one or multiple TV screens via a Roku app.
  • Requestors authorize budget for the cost of new TV screens, Rokus, network drops, and a small annual subscription for Quickesign.
  • IT provides training to content providers on the use of Quickesign, administers user accounts, and coordinates the purchase and installation of TVs.
  • Quickesign accounts are created by IT staff and permissioned with access to playlists and Roku-enabled TV screens.

Getting Started

  • Faculty or staff with budget authority request digital signage by clicking the “Request Signage” button on the right-hand side of this page.

Request Signage


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