First-time Account Setup

When you sign into your Stonehill account for the first time, the system requires that you register verification methods as an additional layer of security for services such as Multi-factor Authentication and the Password Change Service. There are various methods of verification you can choose from. They are managed in the My Security Profile page of your Office account.

Registering your verification method(s)

When signing into Office 365 (such as myHill) for the very first time, you will be prompted to register a verification method. You will arrive at a screen that says "More Information is Required". Click Next and you will see this screen:

Choose either ‘Text me a code’ or ‘Call me’, whichever is most convenient for you. Then, enter the phone number you would like to use to verify your login (or verify that it's correct if it's already there). You will be sent a one-time-use code or phone call for this purpose. Have your smartphone ready and ensure you are able to receive calls and texts (have cell service, etc).

When you receive the code, type it in if you chose the Text option, or answer the phone call and press when prompted.

Back on your device, click ‘Next’.

That’s it! You have verified and trusted your first device. We strongly recommend taking a moment now to configure the Microsoft Authenticator App, which will make all future sign-ins far faster, easier, and will continue to work even if you get a new phone number (e.g. traveling/studying abroad with an international SIM card; etc).

If you would like to add additional verification methods or change methods, please see the article on Adding or Changing Verification Methods for Authentication

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