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Guides for using the password change service, creating secure passwords, and what to do after changing your password.

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Pinned Article First-time Account Setup

New to Stonehill College? Learn what to expect the first time you log into your new Stonehill account, and how to maintain and manage your access.

Adding or Changing Verification Methods for Authentication

Verification methods are used as a second layer of security to user sign-ins as part of Multi-factor Authentication and the Password Change Service. This article covers the various methods of verification from which you can choose.

Changing your password on a college computer on campus

If you need to change your password and are on campus, follow these steps to change your password on a college computer.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Information on what Multi-factor Authentication is, as well as how to configure and use the service.

Password managers

Password managers give you one place to maintain and store all of your credentials.

Secure Passwords

Stonehill's password complexity requirements.