Performing a Consultative Transfer

A consultative transfer allows you to consult with a party before transferring a caller to them. 

To perform a consultative transfer:

  1. While on a call, press the Softkey icon.  softkey. 

    LCD screens on telephone with softkey and then New Call selected.

  2. Arrow down in the Call Menu to select Consultation transfer

    LCD screens on telephone with Consultation Transfer selected and then showing the Transfer To screen and field.
  3. In the TRANSFER TO... field, enter the number for the party you wish to transfer the caller to and press the Dial softkey. The party's phone will ring and you will be able to speak with the party before transferring the caller to them.

    LCD screens on telephone Transfer To screen, and the call transferring screen.
  4. Press the Trans. softkey to transfer the caller to the party you consulted with.

    LCD screen on telephone, showing a successful transfer.
  5. The caller is now connected to the party you transferred them to.
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