Learn the basics of the Skype for Business Office Phones.

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Conference Call Setup

Instructions on how to set up a conference call on your Skype for Business telephone.

Conference Calling on 405HD

Following these instructions to make a 3-way conference call with two other parties.

Dialing Instructions on Skype for Business Phones

Instructions on how to make telephone calls on the Skype for Business telephone system.

Lists of Softkeys

Lists of the Softkeys and what they do on both telephone models.

Performing a Consultative Transfer

A consultative transfer allows you to consult with a party before transferring a caller to them.

Phone PIN Reset

If you need to sign in to your Skype for Business phone, but forgot your Phone PIN, follow these steps to reset it.

Presence: Updating Your Status

Learn what your Office 365 "Presence" is and how to customize it to your privacy and detail preferences.

Prevent Calls from Ringing your Phone and Skype for Business

Follow these steps to prevent calls from ringing through to your office phone and Skype for Business application.

Recommended Headsets for Skype for Business

Skype for Business compatible headset models that we have tested and can recommend, which departments may purchase on their own.

Set Up Call Coverage on an Extension

Choose how you want Skype for Business to handle incoming calls when you're away from your work phone or when you want someone else to answer your calls.

Setting Speed Dial Contacts on the 440HD

Here's how users with a 440HD model Skype for Business phone can add favorite contacts to their speed dial buttons.

Sign In to your Skype for Business Phone, and Sign Out

Instructions on how to sign into the 405HD Skype for Business phone. Both the PIN Sign in and Web Sign In options are listed here.

Skype for Business Phone Model Instructions

User manual's for the Skype for Business phone models we provide.