Lecture Capture


Lecture capture enables the video capture of a class lecture or presentation using the computer in a classroom or a laptop in an office or from home.  The supported lecture capture application, Panopto, is used primarily for instructional purposes.  However, it may be used for other purposes like providing training videos or capturing visiting speakers.

Available To        

Faculty, Students, Staff          


  • The Panopto Recorder, a built-in computer camera and a microphone or a webcam are all that is needed to record the voice, and optionally video of a presenter and the contents of their computer screen, like a PowerPoint slide or a web page.
  • A click of a button on the recorder sends the recording to the Panopto server where it is available for access.
  • The interface to record, save and edit lectures is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Integration with eLearn allows students easy access to recordings in a course. 
  • Student assignments can be created using the Panopto Recorder by downloading it to their own computer and then submitting it to their instructor using the eLearn/Panopto assignment folder.  Examples of assignments include presentations, digital storytelling, and foreign language practice sessions.

Getting Started

  • All lab and classroom computers have the Panopto Recorder installed and available for use.  Look for the Panopto Recorder icon on the Stonehill computer desktop.
  • Students, faculty, and staff who need the recorder installed on their personal computer can follow the instructions to Download the Panopto Recorder.  The eLearn Panopto content tool is used to access the Recorder for download purposes. Alternatively, log in to Panopto directly at stonehill.hosted.panopto.com to access the Recorder.
  • Faculty can integrate Panopto with eLearn by following the instructions for provisioning any eLearn course.  
  • Most laptop computers are equipped with built-in camera and microphone capabilities which are compatible with the Panopto Recorder.  Video cameras and related equipment for use for instructional or business purposes may be available through equipment loan.
  • Refer to the knowledge base resources found under Lecture Capture for assistance.


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