Teaching & Learning

Educational technology tools and consulting services are provided to enhance teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom in support of Stonehill's mission to educate.

Services (7)

Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas by Instructure is our learning management system. It provides powerful tools for faculty to present course content, collect student assignments, enable collaboration and manage outcomes.  Students benefit from a single online resource to access all their course information.

Classroom Support

IT staff are available by appointment to come to classrooms to assist with a variety of activities. Examples include: assisting with the use of classroom technology; demonstrating the use of lecture capture or video conferencing software; and training students on the use of Canvas, Office365 or other supported software.

Classroom Technologies

All College classrooms are equipped with audio and video technologies, a podium computer and software to enhance teaching and learning.

Lecture Capture

Lecture capture enables the video capture of a class lecture or presentation using the computer in a classroom or a laptop in an office.  The supported lecture capture application, Panopto, is used primarily for instructional purposes.  However, it may be used for other purposes like providing training videos or capturing visiting speakers.

One Button Studio

The One Button Studio provides students, faculty, and staff with easy-to-use video recording equipment for self-service recordings related to academic work. The studio can be booked by faculty, staff, and students for a variety of purposes, including class assignments, practicing presentations and capturing lectures for viewing online

Online Surveys and Forms

Qualtrics is a self-service online survey platform used for Stonehill academic purposes or college business. It allows users to build and distribute surveys as well as manage data. Gathering data with this simple to use, yet sophisticated software solution is available from anywhere. Microsoft Forms is available through Office 365 to easily create surveys and polls to collect feedback.

Teaching and Learning Consultations

IT staff members are available for one-on-one and small group consultations with faculty on a variety of topics.