Dialing Instructions on Skype for Business Phones

Dialing into Stonehill

  • Dial the main number 508-565-1000 and follow the prompts to connect to an office or extension.
  • For direct inward dialing extensions (1000s and 5000s), dial 508-565- followed by the 4 digit extension.
    • i.e. 508-565-1111
  • For internal extensions (2000s), dial 508-565-1000 and say the extension you are calling when prompted.

Dialing on campus

  • Dial the 4 digit extension and then press the Dial Softkey on your phone.

Dialing off campus

Local Calls

  • Dial the area code+number
  • Note that the local calling area is Easton plus Brockton, Mansfield, Norton, Sharon, Stoughton, and Taunton.


Long Distance Calls

  • Dial 1+area code+number


International Calls


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