Learn how to add network printers, print from mobile devices, release your print jobs, and scan to email.

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Pinned Article Mobility Print

Mobility Print enables you to print from laptops and mobile devices when connected to the hillspot secure wireless network. You will first need to install the Mobility Print installer or make certain system configurations based on your device.

Pinned Article Network printer names & locations

A comprehensive list of all networked printers and their locations on campus.

Adding a network printer on macOS

Step-by-step instructions for adding an on-campus networked printer to a macOS computer.

Adding a network printer on Windows 10

Step-by-step instructions for adding an on-campus networked printer to a Windows 10 computer.

Clearing paper jams & loading custom sizes

Access user manuals and guides for clearing paper jams & loading custom paper sizes, such as 8.5x12/14” or 12x17/18”.

Find-Me Printing

Pick up your print job from any Mobility Print printer.

Flo-Tech support portal - A step-by-step guide

Information on using the Flo-Tech Portal to manage supplies and service calls.

Poster printing instructions for students

A large format printer for the printing of posters is located at the Service Desk in Duffy 025. To use the printer, an IT staff member will log on to the printing computer and print the poster for you.

Printing rules for students

These printing rules for students encourage efficient use of College resources and aid our sustainability initiative to reduce paper use.

Quick Sets

Use Quick Sets to launch pre-configured jobs from the home screen with a single touch.

Registering your Hill Card for print release

One-time registration required to use your Hill Card to quickly and easily release print jobs sent from lab computers or through Mobility Print.

Releasing your print jobs

Instructions for releasing your print jobs sent to Mobility Print printers by scanning your Hill Card, using the printer touchscreen, or using the web release.

Steps for replacing toner

Step-by-step guides on how to replace toner cartridges for networked HP printers and multi-function devices.

Support procedures for printers

What to do and how to do it when a technical issue occurs with a networked printer.

Sustainable printing practices

Implementing these best practices will help ensure a smooth and successful printing experience.

Uninstalling printers

Steps to uninstall printers from your computer.