Microsoft's synchronized cloud storage solution. 1 terabyte (1024 GB) of shareable cloud storage accessible from anywhere.

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Pinned Article Getting Started with OneDrive

This article covers the basics of OneDrive.

Attaching vs Sharing

Here we explore the key difference between attaching and sharing an file in Office 365.

OneDrive PC Folder Backup

With OneDrive PC Folder Backup, any files that you are working on with your Stonehill Computer, will be synced automatically to OneDrive.

OneDrive PC Folder Backup FAQs

OneDrive PC Folder Backup Frequently Asked Questions

Password Protect OneDrive Files and Encrypt Folders

If you would like to password-protect a single file in Office 365 or zip and encrypt an entire folder of files, this is the article for you!

Restore Deleted OneDrive Files

In order to allow users the ability to restore files themselves, Microsoft built a Recycle Bin into your OneDrive and Teams account. Files that are deleted from your OneDrive or Teams reside here for 93 days and can be restored by the user at any point during that 93 day period. You can choose to empty your Recycle Bin at any point as well.

Sharing Files in OneDrive

Grant other people custom access to files and folders in your OneDrive.