How to setup and manage your email, check your quarantine, and other helpful articles

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Pinned Article Setting up Your Email

Add a profile picture to your Office 365 account to personalize the experience. Sync your email with your mobile device so you're always in touch, and learn more about working with your email.

Adding additional accounts to Outlook

Step-by-step guide for adding accounts (such as departmental mailboxes) to Outlook.

Allow Safe Senders, Block Junk, & Report Phishing

Use Outlook for Windows or Office 365 to manage your safe and blocked senders lists for your Stonehill email.

Email Protection with Safe Links and Attachments

Safe Links is a feature in our Office 365 security suite that provides time-of-click verification of web addresses (URLs) in email messages and Safe Attachments scans email attachments to make sure they are not malware.

Managing Your Email

Discover some of the email management tools Outlook offers; such as Focused Inbox, changing the default reply setting from "Reply All" to "Reply" and allow someone to manage your email.


Unsolicited spam and malware is either dropped or filtered to quarantine and remains external to the College network.

Send a mail merge from a shared mailbox

Instructions for sending mail merges from your departmental or shared mailbox rather than your own address.

Send automatic out of office replies from Outlook

Configure Outlook to send automatic email replies to Stonehill users, emails from outside our organization, or both.

Security Features to Tag Possible Phishing

We tag all external emails with [EXT] at the start of the Subject line and add a disclaimer in the body of the email.