Reliable services depend upon a stable and secure IT infrastructure consisting of servers, storage and core services along with the network backbone and management tools.

Services (7)

Domain Name Service

Domain names for any name ending in as well as other domain names purchased for Stonehill College are maintained by IT.

Firewall Service

Firewalls are used to block network traffic to reduce the risk of unwanted network intrusions.

IP Addressing

IP addresses within the College owned external or internal-only address space are maintained by IT.

Network Add, Move, Change

New network connections or changes to an existing connection or the location of the jack may be requested.

Network Support

The hardware, software, and wiring required to provide a robust college wide data network are managed and maintained to support the mission of the college.

Server Add or Change

New servers or configuration changes to an existing server may be requested.

Server Support

The hardware and software required to host the business and instructional applications used at the College are managed and maintained to ensure security, reliability, and performance.