Instructions for using our classroom technologies such as Airserver, Clear Touch, projection and podium panels.

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Pinned Article Common Classroom Technology Troubleshooting

This article contains troubleshooting for common technology issues in the classroom.

Pinned Article Software Availability

See what licensed software is available on campus.

Pinned Article Technology in Classrooms

Learning spaces equipped with instructional technology for presenting and interacting with educational content.

Pinned Article Technology in Computer Labs

Learning spaces equipped with a variety of computers that are available for teaching and student access.

Airserver-Wireless iOS Projection

AirServer is installed on all the instructor workstation computers in classrooms and labs allowing instructors to mirror their iPad (and/or iPhone) for wireless projection purposes.

Black Box Control Instructions

Black Box switchers are located in CC106, CC108-CC216, and CM203.

Clear Touch Instructions

Clear Touch Interactive Panels are located in CC107, CM141 D019, D213, D219, M207, SC321, and SC330.

Cushing Martin 143 Graphic Design Lab Instructions

Graphic Design Lab Instructions for mirroring monitors in CM 143.

Duffy 015 and Duffy 017 instructions

Remote control instructions for D015 and D017.

Duffy 214 Instructions

Extron panel instructions for D214.

Extron Control Panel Instructions

Extron Control Panels are located in CC217, CM141-142, D101, D115-210, D215-217, D220-230, and M105-206.

Extron Touch Panel Instructions

Extron Touch Panels are located in MB111, MB214, MB216, MB240, MB246, MB312, MB315, MB317, MB320, MB322

Meehan Building 103 Instructions

Extron Touch Panel Instructions for Team-Based Learning room in MB103

Merket Tracy 328 Instructions

Extron Control Instructions for MT328.

Remote Control Instructions

Remote Controlled projectors are located in CM004-107, and D114C.

Science Center 140 and 141 Instructions

Extron Wall Panel instructions for SC141.

Science Center Instructions

Extron Wall Panels are located in SC119-140, SC142-239, SC329-348.

Using Adobe Creative Cloud in Labs

When using Creative Cloud in Mac labs, you will be prompted to enter a username and password for your Adobe ID. If you don't already have one, you can create one using your Stonehill email account.

Video Production Studio

The Video Production Studio is a resource for courses delivering instruction on the creation of broadcast quality videos, particularly courses in the Digital Media Production Program.